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Once you make the first step in wanting to change, you must then decide how you will change. We begin every free consultation with a needs assessment to figure out your top priority needs. 

If you are interested in a training or workshop, here are some of topics we cover.

Professionalism workshop was very engaging, interesting, and informative!
— Jason L., social service employee
Everything in Implementing Peer Services workshop was valuable! Especially the Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Healthcare...I learned a lot!
— Tori T, Hospital Administrator

employee engagement

Keeping employees engaged calls for more than providing an adequate salary. We teach you how to support your employees with more than a paycheck, which will:

-- minimize burnout and increase productivity

-- align your mission with actionable steps

-- assist in communicating across cultures

--creating a connection to the company and the work they are doing

-- lower turnover and increase retention



Professional development is more than attending a training and receiving a certificate of attendance. As a PA Certification Board Provider (PCB Provider #605), we assist with:

-- guidance for implementing employees with lived experience into existing programs

-- individualized educational modules with practical activities

-- engagements highlighting professional development and personal growth

-- strategies for being fully present in the work environment that is conducive to attendees

-- creating and sustaining partnerships with similar organizations

-- skills for effective work-life balance

-- skills to recognize and manage life stressors


project planning, implementation, & monitoring

Big ideas need detailed plans. No matter the size of the organization, we can help you align the overall picture with the day-to-day activities. We assist you in:

-- identifying resources to better reach your goals

-- managing available resources

-- creating the achievable outcomes and output measures

-- identifying employee expertise

-- creating measures for accountability

-- problem anticipation and risk assessment

-- creating communication flows to increase project effectiveness

-- reliability in the scope of the project and predict costs and time



There is more than one path to reach your audience. We highlight the path that best suits your needs. We help you develop:

-- outreach roadmaps to raise organizational awareness

-- market research to identify target areas specific to your mission

-- performance indicators from conceptualized big ideas

-- greater community supports to boost your business

-- improve company image and reputation

No matter the size of the company, we can assist you.