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Mission: Providing expert knowledge to organizations and individuals that strengthens communication to lower barriers to accessing healthcare needs.

Vision: A world where every person has a voice and is valued.


Regina Ford,

CEO and Founder

Working in social services, Regina grew frustrated with compartmentalized services of traditional medical and behavioral health services. It was commonplace for clients to discuss their behavioral health needs during visits with their primary care physician. Only for the patient to be given the name and phone number of a behavioral health provider for the patient to contact. No insight was given to the patient about which behavioral health services the patient needed and/or wanted, no preferences of the behavioral health provider the patient preferred (gender, age, etc.), nor even the preferred location of the behavioral health provider. Regina Ford decided the best way to fix this problem was to create an agency that addressed the need to integrate behavioral health services in medical facilities.

In 2018, Willow Communication Strategies was created.

Regina spent her time and resources speaking with providers and patients about barriers to access care and health literacy needed to improve patient-provider relationships. Regina created workshops and presentations, facilitating engagements at local healthcare facilities and conferences.

Willow Communication Strategies was created to provide practical solutions to address barriers to accessing behavioral healthcare. And that's still the mission today.


With more than 10 years experience and the successful completion of dozens of projects, Regina has the ability to work effectively with your staff, listen, and help implement the changes necessary for successful completion of projects. She can translate policy to practice, bridging the gap between big picture ideas and front-line actions. Her accomplishments include:

  • Employee engagement

    • created and conducted employee surveys for approximately 200 staff to identify needs to increase employee productivity

    • created and conducted workshops for staff to increase to workplace wellness


  • Technical Assistance and Coaching

    • Created education modules for approximately 100 community members and partners to better identify public health needs of the target population resulting in a 550% increase of community engagement.

    • Administered and facilitated instruction on strategic public relations in under-served communities.

    • Managed approximately 75 change agents to enhance leadership skills, effective communication, and empowerment in community inclusion resulting in 550% of community engagement.


  • Project Design, Implementation, Monitoring, & Evaluation

    • Most recently, Regina created and implemented a warm hand-off project that connected opioid-overdose survivors to recovery support services in select Philadelphia emergency rooms

    • As an awardee of National Council for Behavioral Health Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program, designed and conducted mixed-methods research addressing older adults resources, specifically sexual health, resulting in a comprehensive directory for target population with 500% increase of program interest over 6 months

    • As Advisory Board Member in Hall-Mercer Community Behavioral Health Center of Pennsylvania Hospital, conducted focus groups of 130 participants addressing health homes in Philadelphia.

    • Conducted on-the-ground comparative analysis of public health efforts addressing heroin use of Kensington, Guateng and Kensington, Philadelphia


  • Outreach/Marketing

    • Designed and implemented strategy for acquisition and expansion of community partnerships and engagement in Southeastern PA. increasing program participation by 300% and social media engagement by 400% over 6 months.

    • Generated and synthesized research, designed marketing tools and strategic outreach in addressing health disparities resulting with a 700% increase of enrollment in health services.

    • Designed and conducted presentations, training's, and outreach materials to community members, partner organizations, and businesses resulting in increased health literacy by 550% over 12 months.


Regina’s experience can be an incredible asset to your company and its goals. From working with persons in recovery or persons in C-suites, national health organizations or international public health agencies, there is one bottom line: accessibility and inclusivity is the foundation for a thriving business.